What is an Invertebrate?

Definition of INVERTEBRATE

1: lacking a spinal column; also :  of, relating to, or concerned with invertebrate animals.

2: lacking in strength or vitality

(reference: Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary)


021 Chilean Rose Hair Tarantula 2 Cobalt Blue Tarantula 036.2 Madagascar Hissing Cockroach 3


Invertebrates are animals without back bones, such as insects, clams, starfish, worms, cuttlefish, squid, etc. There is not an exact number of invertebrate’s species known, but estimates put it at around 1.3 million or 97% of all species on earth.


Invertebrates, such as squid and octopus live in the salty oceans, other species, such as crayfish, apple snails, and some insects such as the diving beetle live in freshwater.


Moths, butterflies, dragonflies, and honey bees, are some flying invertebrates. Other invertebrates live on land, such as the millipede, tarantulas, and scorpions, and some live in the soil such as earthworms.


Invertebrates live in all types of habitats such as the rainforest, desert, grasslands, swamps, marshes, freshwater, saltwater, and temperate forest just to name a few.

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