Common Red Tail Boa

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Common Red Tail Boa


SPECIES: Boa constrictor constrictor

STATUS: Least Concern

HABITAT: The traditional habitat of the boa constrictor ranges from Northern Mexico into South America. Boa constrictors can flourish in tropical rainforest to arid semi-desert area. They prefer to live in rainforest due to the high humidity and warmer temperatures. The snakes are found living beside rivers and streams.

DIET: Boas are carnivores whose diet consists mainly of mice to rat sized animals to larger prey such at birds and monkeys.

GENERAL: The female Common Red Tail Boa carries eggs which will hatch inside of the body causing the snake to give birth to live young, this is call ovoviviparous. Each snake can have a litter of between 10 and 65 young with an average of 25. These babies are independent at birth. At around 3-4 years old they will reach adult size of 8-10 feet and sexually mature. The boa has been hunted for both the pet trade and its skin for the use in the fashion industry. It is not currently at risk of extinction.


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