Muscovy Duck


      Muscovy Duck


SPECIES: Cairina moschata                              


STATUS: Least Concern


HABITAT: Lakes, marshes, swamps, and ponds.


DIET: Insects, fish, vegetation, crustaceans and even small reptiles and amphibians.


GENERAL: The wild Muscovy Duck is black in color with patches of white on the wings.


This species of duck do not quack like other ducks but remain silent unless they are attacked at which they will hiss to chase off potential enemies.


Muscovy Ducks do not spend much time in the water swimming like other ducks because of their underdeveloped oil glands, but they do like to like to bathe and preen their feathers to help them keep clean.


This species of duck have long claws on their feet which helps them to perch in trees to keep away from predators.





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