Zoo Safari USA honors volunteer!

Sarah has volunteered for us since June of 2016, she comes out once a week to feed, water, clean yards and interact with the animals. We are honored to have such a wonderful volunteer.

For her dedication and commitment, Sarah was presented with the Certificate of Appreciation Award and a $50.00 gift card.



           Zoo Safari USA honors business for their assistance in 2016!


Ashley, manager of HARPS Grocery Store in Locust Grove, has been honored with the Certificate of Appreciation for their contribution and assistance throughout 2016.


Other business’ and individuals that have contributed their goods, services, and time to volunteer in 2016!

Business’                                                                                     Individuals

KEOK 102. 1 Lakes Country Radio                                                                        Cliff Flock

Tahlequah Chamber of Commerce                                                                       August Jinks

Kidz Zone                                                                                                             Ashley Dykes

Animal Medical Center                                                                                         Sarah Carney

HARPS Grocery Store                                                                                       Kay McFarland

Sister Sweets                                                                                                       Jade Hansen

DJ’s Diner                                                                                                      NSU College Students

Locust Grove Library

Spring Hollow Feed

Builders Wholesale & Hardware Supply

Pokey’s Bait & Tackle

Nabatak Outdoors

A Feathered Affair

Tulsa Teachers Credit Union

Low Water Dam Store

Turner Propane

Tractor Supply









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