ZOO SAFARI USA’S ONGOING MISSION

Zoo Safari USA has a dedicated, driving force to the rescue and education of exotic animals. With the combined knowledge of 60 years of specialized animal care needs. Not only do we rescue these unwanted “pets” but we give them a permanent home to live out their lives as they should, without worry or care.


In turn, we use these animals as ambassadors to teach children of all ages where they originated in the world, diet, and habitat, etc.


We provide an up close personal educational experience that promises an unforgettable time.


We passionately believe that children should not have to pay to learn something new. With budget cuts everywhere, schools cannot afford this luxury, but that’s where we excel. All of our work is done solely on donations, we do not have any set fees for all the work we do. We have touched thousands of kids’ lives and encourage conservation for future generations.


Some of the animals rescued over the years-


Georgia had bitten the previous owner several times. She could not be handled. Zoo Safari USA staff have since calmed her down and she has done well since.

Sydney spent most of her life locked in a cage. When Zoo Safari USA rescued her she was 24 years old and had plucked her chest and under wings clean of feathers.

Rooty was 5 years old when we rescued her. She was 100 pounds over weight, fat blind, and could barely walk. With lots of love and a change in diet she was able to lead a normal life.

Gizmo lived the first 3 years of his life in a 2’x2’x3′ cage and was fed Froot Loops and Monkey Chow. He now has a spacious area and has a diet of fruits and veggies and the occasional cricket.

Fluffy become to much trouble for the previous owner to deal with.

Neeko was almost dead when Zoo Safari USA rescued her. You can read her full story on Neeko’s page

Wilbur had been a year old when we rescued him. The previous owner could not take care of him any more and the husband was going to shoot him if he was not found a new home.








































       Zoo Safari USA needs your help to continue its mission of rescuing exotics and educating the public.

                                               With your donation we can continue saving more lives.

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